poniedziałek, 10 czerwca 2013

Spiky Rose

Phew, long time no see. Lately I turned into a Nomad, travelling here and there and back...

Today I want to show you more of my dear deer headbands!
I experimented a lot and I am really pleased with final look. In my opinion metal studs look good, matched with rose petals and green leaves.

Now I think I must make one with black flowers!

poniedziałek, 22 kwietnia 2013

Deer Antlers?

 Short post because I am sooo busy lately x_x

That's the newest thing I made. Lovely fairy headband with small paper roses and deer antlers.
Of course they are sculpted and painted by me ^^

sobota, 13 kwietnia 2013


Hey hey!

After quite long pause I'm coming back with new handmade stuff, fresh ideas and energy :)
Hope you will find it ineresting.

Going straight to the point:

Ear plug, made for my friend. Yes, it is a tentacle ^^
Even though I did my best, I know one thing for sure: painting isn't my thing. Brush and acrylic paint disobey my orders >.>

Now you can find me also here: http://www.facebook.com/kotoneart

piątek, 22 czerwca 2012

Totoro love

 It was my first time painting a sculpture with an acrylic paint, so it's a little bit unperfect ^^"
They look big, but aren't heavy.

wtorek, 19 czerwca 2012


I made this tiny Africas for my colleague :)

Two pairs of post earrings - unfortunately, I don't have photos of them after attaching to the posts ^^
Sand colour, made from fimo clay.

piątek, 8 czerwca 2012

Hello Kitty!

Custom-made set which includes earrings and phone chain.
Even though it was difficult to sculpt without any cutters, I had fun :3

niedziela, 3 czerwca 2012

Macaroon box

Hey here!

This time I decided to sculpt something new - french macaroons!

Three small cookies inside small box. I also added small metal bow to make it more cute.
I think it suits perfectly sweet lolita outfits ;)

poniedziałek, 21 maja 2012

Creamy donut

It was such a lazy day yesterday, so I decided to do some new earrings (I love earrings! It's my obsession ^^"). This time I used new technique... and I'm satisfied :)

Donuts are so tiny that my camera couldn't catch them on "makro" program. Next time I'll borrow my dad's camera because it has "super makro" program xD And I hope the quality of my photos will be much much better.

And now donuts as earrings.

Vanilla donut with vanilla cream and chocolate pieces on the top:

 Donuts with raspberry cream and coconut flakes:

 Pierwsze pączki robione nową techniką. Myślę, że się udały :) te z czekoladową posypką już zagościły na moich uszach :3

niedziela, 11 marca 2012


Hello everyone!

I'm back :) I hope that this time I'll stay here for longer. I'm still studying Japanese, but on my 1st year of this study I have also a lot of free time, which I can spend on making new polymer clay cuties :3

In this post I would like to present some brooches!
And big big sorry for my English, I'm still practicing >__> If you can correct me, please do :)


Witam ponownie! :)

W końcu wróciłam, mam na dzieję, że na dłużej. Na studiach mam dużo wolnego czasu (umiejętne gospodarowanie czasem hihi), więc lepię nowe cudeńka :)
Zdecydowałam się też pisać po Angielsku. Po części dla tego, by poszerzyć grono czytelnicze, a po drugie muszę ćwiczyć skoro planuję wyjechanie z kraju i dokończenie magisterki za granicą... Ćwiczenie czyni mistrza.

Na pierwszy ogień broszki ^^